Concerning the DeadFox

Welcome to the DeadFox, Marist’s way to view the news of our campus, our college, and our universe.

This is entirely student run.

As students, we are prone to mistakes. If you see any, all you have to do is send us a strongly worded email (dated and notarized). Also, we take donations…of anything.

Sorry for making you have to read, we have no digital media majors on retainer right now, but we’re working on it.

Direct any questions to the Freal machine in the Caberet. Just write your question down, crumple it up in a ball, put it in a cup, and blend it up. Then, email it to

At this point, let us be clear in our efforts to NOT thank you.

None of what is published on this site is meant to be taken in a serious manner. All of our publications are meant for entertainment purposes only. Nothing here is true, except the sentence preceding this one.

That is all.


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