The Dead Fox is Literally So Dumb

Like, so everyone’s been talking about this Dead Fox thing, so I checked it out, and like what? The first thing I saw was that Jay-z was running for president, and I was like ummm do your research. I follow him on twitter and he totally would have said something about it by now.

Basically, what I’m saying is, don’t read the Dead Fox. Like, it’s so dumb.

Like, do you actually expect me to believe that there’s a Vegan group that stopped eating food? You, like, can’t live without food. I read that somewhere, on like Google.

Oh, and don’t even get me started with that article about the shadow attacking Midrise. I mean HELLO people, shadows can’t hurt anyone. I thought this was college, I totally learned that in like fifth grade.

Oh, and now my friends like the Dead Fox, and I’m like so mad. Like you don’t even know. Like, listen to this. So I was just just looking for my Vera Bradley bag, and Danielle said it was in her room, but like, it wasn’t. So I was like “I thought we were friends,” but like, she totally isn’t my friend because all she does is lie to me. Then she said she was sorry, but I could tell she totally didn’t mean it. Whatever, I’m over it. Then later, she showed me this Dead Fox website, and I was like okay maybe we can be friends again, but then I saw how dumb it was and I realized that Danielle is a liar and she’s dumb. Like, literally, she doesn’t even know what a Vera Bradley bag is.

Sooo yea. I think I proved my point.