Accounting Major ‘Really Not In It for the Money’

Josh Houston takes a moment to congratulate himself for daring to follow his dreams.

Josh Houston takes a moment to congratulate himself for daring to follow his dreams.

Josh Houston, an accounting major here at Marist College, recently declared that he’s not really doing it for the money. Like all risky careers, Houston is driven by passion, a passion ignited the first time he witnessed a financial statement written right before his eyes.

In a recent interview, Houston–still giddy from a day of compiling ledger accounts–told our reporters he “would still be doing it even if I had to give up my belongings. Accounting is just one of those things that transcends material concerns. If you’ve ever reviewed a budget, you’d understand what I mean.”

According to Houston’s father, Jack Houston, Josh had dreamed of accounting from a young age. “All the other kids would be outside playing football, but my boy Josh just couldn’t keep his hands off the calculator.” Both parents pleaded with him to choose a more realistic career path, but Josh refused to play it safe and applied to Marist as soon as possible.

Houston cites The American Dream as his source of inspiration as he loses himself in the bliss of preparing profit and loss statements. “When I wrote that first expense report, I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming.”

Houston just accepted an internship at a small company, and is excited to bring his passion to a new set of cubicles. “Too many kids are scared to live out their dreams. People will tell you to get real, that you’ll never be good enough to explain billing invoices, but you just have to keep pushing. With hard work and just a little bit of luck, you might just find yourself resolving that account discrepancy you’ve always dreamed about.”

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