Study Reveals Everyone’s Hero is Actually Matthew Mcconaughey in 10 Years

Mcconaughey is pumped that he'll be his own hero ten years from now.

Mcconaughey is pumped that he’ll be his own hero ten years from now.

Matthew Mcconaughey revealed in his Oscar acceptance speech that his hero is himself in ten years, and a new study has shown that everyone else in the world also sees future Matthew Mcconaughey as their hero. People from all over the world have spoken out about their experiences after the Oscars.

Johnny Carlos, a talented young baseball player from Hyde Park, immediately tore down all of his Derek Jeter posters after seeing Mcconaughey’s speech. “I’m a little upset I’ve been looking up to the wrong person all these years, but I’m hopeful for the future because my hero is also in the future.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin also publicly announced his new hero, admitting that if he could do it all over again he would give up dominion over the largest country in the world by landmass to be an actor in the same vein as Matthew Mcconaughey’ hypothetical future self.

Even Leonardo Dicaprio agreed. Our reporters asked him how it felt to lose for the fourth time at the Oscar’s. “I’m definitely dissapointed at the loss again,” said Dicaprio. “But I know that in ten years Matthew Mcconaughey will be the man I always strive to be, and that ten years ago I secretly wanted to be the man Matthew Mcconaughey is today.”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has officially declared this years Academy Awards to be National Matthew Mcconaughey in 2024 Day, leaving us all to eagerly await next year’s Matthew Mcconaughey in 2025 Day.

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