Girl Finds BuzzFeed Article That is So Her

Marist student Cassandra HartmaBuzzFeed-logon found a BuzzFeed article yesterday that was literally so her. After logging in to Facebook and realizing she had no notifications, a dejected Hartman scrolled through her news feed until she stumbled across her friend’s status, which provided a link for an article called “37 Reasons You Know You’re A Fashion Major at a Small Liberal Arts School Born in the 90’s With Two Older Sisters and a Younger Brother.”

The first two reasons made her laugh out loud, drawing the attention of her housemate who said, “Oh my god, you’re looking at that too? How PERF is that?”

Hartman and her housemate spent the night bonding over the article and apologized for calling each other skanks last weekend.  For the first time in their lives, they felt truly understood.

When Hartman finished the article, another link called “21 Things That Make You So College” caught her eye. After reading Number 12, which showed a picture of two sleeping pandas with the caption “Hungover,” Hartman realized that the pandas were just like her and her friend Cara. She promptly shared it on Cara’s wall, because she knew that Cara would get it. “It wasn’t just so me anymore,” said Hartman. “It was so us.