Student’s Protest Protesting

Today students all around campus slept in, ate breakfast, and watched Breaking Bad to protest other students actually protesting about things.

A few weeks ago, a student action committee against Syrian Intervention not only made a Facebook page condemning something, but were also seen outside of Hancock holding up pieces of cardboard conveying some sort of message to anybody unfortunate enough to read them. Fortunately students passing from class to class were too busy snapping their faces to each other and no one saw what the signs said.

Despite the protestors’ best efforts to approach and make conversation with the clearly evasive students, no such contact was made. The word quickly spread about the non-violent demonstration, causing a level of alarm Marist is not used to seeing.

“I got the video from my roommate, so I immediately closed the curtains and locked the doors and went back to sleep.” said Darien Russo, a Foy resident who was forced to shelter in place and miss his 330. The professor empathized with Darien’s situation and excused his absence.

Students taking up sign’s in opposition to an authority’s actions is certainly a strange occurrence for Marist students. We all remember the Thanksgiving Riots of 1989 when President Murray stepped on a piece of juicy, tender, BBQ Chicken, and subsequently banned all good food from ever being served on the Marist College Campus. And we all remember how that ended – The highly controversial Central Park Rangers were deployed until the students were corralled up to sing Christmas Carols with James Caan and Mary Steenburgen. (Video can be seen here.)

After that moment, Marist students from all corners of the world silently agreed that no protests would ever happen again.. When a select group of students decided to break that pact a few weeks ago outside of Hancock Hall, Marist Students who still believe in keeping their mouths shut were called to action.

All throughout campus, students protested the protestors in a highly unorganized, incredibly effective manner. Students from 8th floor Champ to Leo Basement, and Sheehan to Gartland slept through 9:30 classes. They refused to frequent the Cafeteria, and instead ate paint chips. These methods proved victorious, and no protests have occurred since.


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