New Marist iLearn to collaborate with ‘Snapchat’

Team Snapchat and Marist professors have teamed up to make learning easier than ever for Marist students. Those who are looking to spend as much time at the newly renovated Darby’s are in luck. The new program — debuting this Tuesday — combines the user-friendly components of iLearn with the time capabilities of Snapchat to create the perfect message broadcasting and student submission software the college has ever seen.

Max Smith, a freshmen from Long Island, raves about the new system.

“It’s great! I normally just Snapchat my massive work load to all my friends anyways, so this just streamlines everything,” he said.

Available on the App Store and Google Play Marketplace, the 99 cent app automatically loads the user’s classes and rosters. Antiquated iLearn components such as: “Forums, Messages, Gradebook and Submissions” have all been compacted to allow students and professors to submit assignments, ask questions, or distribute information by sending a one to ten second snap chat to whomever they choose.

“I can normally only work for 10 seconds without be distracted, so the assignment submission system makes it so I don’t feel overly self-conscious about my work habits anymore,” said fashion major Sue Do.  Adjunct history professor Dr. Wayne also said, “Student’s work is entirely rubbish these days, so the 10 second cap truncates my suffering significantly. Also, the immediate deletion of student’s work ensures this shit will never make it to print.”

DeadFox consumer studies agree with our reader’s comments. “Snaplearn’s” automatic deletion of invaluable work keenly reminds us of the days when iLearn did the same thing, and we liked that. Plagiarism has also entirely been eliminated with the screen shot notification feature. However, sometimes we were simply trying to save some face shots later use when we were each feeling lonely.

Students can also send nudes through this program. We have not tried this ourselves, but trust us. It works overtime.


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